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By on March 9, 2018

A logo is important for a brand. Mostly everyone can agree on this. A logo can make or break a brand. Along with the product/ service, the logo is almost the first thing everyone thinks of when a brand is mentioned.

The Apple logo is one that I’m really impressed with since it’s simple yet memorable. And the story behind the Apple? Well… It’s a little bit too horrifying for me to retell it so I’m just going to leave the link to the story here if you guys decide to check it out.

Just like the Apple logo, the logos that I think are the most effective are the simple ones, yet they contain a lot of power. Like the Facebook logo, for example. Just a simple letter “f” in a navy blue square. The blue color demonstrates power, trust, and smart. Facebook really is a smart platform, after all. Mark Zuckerberg sure knows what he’s doing.

For my blog, I’m not sure if I should have a logo in the future or not. For now, my main focus is to build the blog with lots of content first. I want to make sure that I have the right content to serve my audience first, before I can think about actually having a logo to represent myself.

But what do you guys think? Should I have a logo now? I’m really bad at InDesign and Illustrator so some help would be greatly appreciated. Also, what colors should I use for my logo? I want my blog to be happy, bubbly, like a best friend. So… maybe millennial pink? Haha… But seriously though, do let me know in the comment what I should do with my logo. Or if I should even have one at all! All thoughts and comments are appreciated! Have a good day!

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