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Visual Marketing

By on March 12, 2018

Images and videos tend to get people focused more than plain texts, which is why businesses spend tons of money to come up with visual content that will get customers hooked. When a visual representation is well-created, it gets more likes and shares. On social media platforms like Facebook, posts that get shared a lot usually end up being images or videos. From my experience, I see that Facebook users incorporate visuals in their posts as much as possible to increase their engagement with other Facebook users. Businesses see this as an opportunity to create more visual content that attracts a bigger audience.

Just like I said in a previous post how storytelling should be in visual form since moving images are more effective than words alone, visual marketing gets more people to visit a blog site. For me, since Instagram is a visual site that I use the most, I’m studying how to use it most effectively to market my blog. Furthermore, because images and videos are so much more popular than plain words, most of my professional blog posts contain visual content as it catches the eye of the audience. That happens to me too when I visit a blog. If that blog has more visuals than texts, I am sold.

Instagram is coming out with so much more visual effects on their Insta story section. Those are some of the best work that Instagram has come up with. I love how Instagram allows users to get creative with their stories in so many ways. The “Boomerang” effect is definitely a popular one. A new interesting one is “Stop-motion”, where you can put more than one images together and they create a stop-motion sequence. Very cool. I will use that one more often now. You’ll see if you follow my Instagram 😉 (mythuy307).

What do you think of visual marketing? Do you like and share more when it comes to visual content? If you still prefer traditional marketing, why? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

Shine bright!

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