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“The Anon Raver”

By on January 22, 2018

Who: Athena Sfikas


Blog name: The Anon Raver

Athena articulates her professional self through her interest of giving reviews on music-related events, and bringing “awareness to issues surrounding the music community to enact change, enhance safety, and more.”. At first glance, Athena’s website seems to be more of a visual-based page since the background image and the music event poster take up a lot of space. They also catch more attention from the audience because of the colors on the images.

The text on the website sits on the white background, which makes it easy to read. This feature is great and all blogs should have as it keeps the audience around long enough to read through the content. Athena’s mandate is clear and well-presented. This is a good factor that will help her audience have a better understanding of what service she wants to offer through her website. It’s also more appealing to different groups of readers across the world.

The design on The Anon Raver looks quite simplistic yet still able to convey the idea of a music-related blog. Her background image is a picture of a music festival, which tells the audience right away that this is a blog about the music scene. It does look a little bit messy with the Seasons 2018 poster juxtaposed with the background image and a smiley-money-shit-face (?!!) that I’m thinking it might be the blog’s logo but it also might not be… (?!!) Anyway, the designing is definitely still in progress with Athena and I think she should try to make it look cleaner there. Maybe reduce the size of the smiley-money-shit-face? I honestly can’t figure out what the icon is for or what it represents. I’m thinking it might be something important to her brand so I’m not going to suggest that she remove the icon. However, I hope she’ll do something to make more sense of the icon.

The content of the blog to me is relevant and reflective of the Athena’s professional self. Her most recent post is an informative assessment of the upcoming Seasons 2018 music festival. The post is long, but it’s information-packed and it’s got some really good advice about the topic. Athena seems to be very passionate about the topic and I learned quite a bit about the music festival from the post.

Furthermore, it was easy to navigate throughout the blog. Athena has her menu items and categories all laid out easy to view. One fun thing to point out is that there’s an audio widget on the side bar that plays a popular song. This feature is crucial for a music-related blog and Athena nails it.

While I don’t know if Athena is going to design a logo for her blog yet, since it’s mentioned in class that a logo is important for our brand identity, I have some color suggestions and their meanings for The Anon Raver’s potential logo:

  • Yellow: Energy, Freshness
  • Orange: Youth, Attraction

All in all, Athena’s blog is an awesome place for music-lovers to visit and gain information on upcoming music events. The blog’s design may need some more designing but the content has great potential!


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