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New Business and Enterprises Opportunities

By on March 12, 2018

When a guest speaker came to my class and talked about the opportunities and resources that Vancouver has to offer entrepreneurs with startups, I thought we were so lucky to receive this chance to explore new potential influences.

Blogging has developed as a career so fast that it is a day job for a lot of people. For them, blogging is their main income, and they enjoy it. This got me thinking if I’ll ever want to do blogging full time and rely on it as my main income. Being one’s own boss is anyone’s dream. You can wake up at any time you like. You can do work if you decide to. And if you decide not to, who’s there to stop you? NO ONE.

The idea is spectacular, but it does not work for everyone. Being your own boss means you need to know how to manage your finance situation. Sometimes you have to choose a partner for your business too. And then comes a bunch of legal matter that I don’t understand enough to get into. But most importantly, you need a vision, like where you see your business is going, and decide to go with it, or not.

There’s so much responsibilities that a good entrepreneur must be able to handle if a startup is going to happen. How many of you out there are entrepreneurs? What are the challenges and how are you handling them? What are the rewards? Let me know in the comment section below!

Shine bright!

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