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“Claire Patterson”

By on March 13, 2018

Who: Claire Patterson


Claire articulates her professional self through her love for writing and publication. Her site is dedicated to her own “personal expression through media”. At first glance, Claire’s blog looks neat and organized with posts aligned on three columns on the home page. The posts are sorted chronologically, making it easy for the audience to go through the page and find what they’re looking for.

Claire uses black texts on the white background. Simple yet effective. As this feature keeps the audience around long enough to read through the content, all blogs should have it. There is not a clear and well-presented mandate on the website. However, in the “About” section, Claire claims to use this blog as a place for her to practice her writing about social media. While this may not be as clear as having a post dedicated to the blog’s mandate only, Claire still makes it clear what her blog is for, which I appreciate very much. It helps her audience have a better understanding of what they should expect from her. It is also more appealing to different groups of readers around the world.

The overall design on Claire Patterson looks very aesthetic to me. It describes the owner of the blog as someone with an intelligible agenda for their business. Menu items and categories are all laid out easy to view. The background image presents her name as the brand, along with her face there. I like how she cleverly puts an “About” next to the image of herself, which links to the actual “About” page. However, there is also an “About” tab on the Menu section, which does make the “About” on the background image a little bit abundant. I think it would be better to remove the one next to the image of herself. It’s less confusing that way. I am also impressed with the geometrical design on the top of Claire’s background image. The simplicity of it compliments the title font so perfectly.

The logo of the “Claire Patterson” blog is something that should be mentioned as well. Claire must be quite invested in the blog to have her own logo designed. The logo is just simply the first initials of her first and last name, but it resonates flawlessly with the background image and the overall design. The logo sits separately on the top left of the web page, looking all effortless yet impactful.

To me, the content of the blog is relevant and reflective of Claire’s professional self. Since Claire focuses on writing about the media, most of her blog posts are about what’s happening with social media platforms (7 Things that Happen if You Delete Your Social Media for 7 Days) or media in general (Keep Media Authentic). It’s interesting how she includes some posts about film and fashion as well. There’s a variety of topics on the blog and she brings it every time with her advanced writing skills. I would also like to point out how I love that there is always at least one image accompanied with the blog post appearing on the home page. Visual content gets more attention than just plain text every single time. This is something I must learn to practice more on my own blog.

Overall, “Claire Patterson” is an-easy-to-navigate place for media geeks and anyone who’s interested in all things social media. The design and content are sure not going to make you disappointed!

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