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By on March 11, 2018

Now that I have a blog, does that mean I’m a brand?

To me, being a brand or having a brand is associated with entrepreneurship, and I’m nowhere good with business enough to consider myself an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur must be someone who knows how to manage a business and has the right connections. I’m just someone who is playing around with a blog. So what am I?

I am the owner of this blog and also the product. The service/ product I’m offering on this blog is ME. People want to visit Thuy By Design because they want a taste of ME, and nothing, or no one else. The creative sector is different from traditional business that way.

Honestly, this makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable. I don’t really like the idea of selling myself on the Internet. Plus, when a person is a brand, they are usually already successful with what they’re doing. They should have a well-designed logo for their own brand, and a lot of people know them. Like Bethany Mota, for example. She is a successful YouTuber/ entrepreneur, and a brand. It wasn’t until her YouTube channel got so successful that she got a logo for herself, and started branding herself more. Her name is now on clothing and perfume bottles. I call that branding.

Who knows, maybe in 10 years, Thuy By Design is going to be so big that my face is shining bright on the billboards everywhere. I’m working hard so that I can accept myself being a brand. And to do that, I need to have more confidence in what I’m doing and own it.

What about you? What do you think of branding? Do you have the same idea about branding as me? Are you a brand? Let me know in the comment section below!

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