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Why Be Afraid of Sparkles?

By on January 22, 2018

As little kids, we are gravitated towards anything that sparkles, especially us girls. Sparkly things seem to have such a strong magnet field that we would always open our eyes wide and crawl (or run, in my case) towards the thing that is so shiny and magical.

Sadly, as we grow up, many of us slowly lose that magical feeling when we see sequins and glitter and anything that’s sparkly in general. We see a pair of sequin pants and we look away. Or there’s that super cute pink bomber jacket on the rack but we just have to avoid it like the plague just because it has some pink glittery linings on the collar and the sleeves.

Why are so many of us afraid to put on something with a sparkle element? Since when is sequins tacky and too flashy? Who gets to be the judge of that?

Ask any friend of mine and they will tell you that I’m a huge sparkle fanatic. I have a sparkly version of almost every single type of clothing items. And I can’t be more excited every time I wear them. I put on a sparkly item and I instantly feel more confident, like I’m actually shining (maybe because I really am, due to all the glitter).

I like to add sparkles and shine anywhere I can. A glittery bow on the wall above my desk, some fairy string lights hanging on the windows and the walls, a sequin throw pillow on the couch, etc. All those little things add so much magic and wonder to my home and my life.

Sometimes life can feel a little dull and dreary, so it all depends on us to throw a little glitter in there and sparkle it up! I choose to add sparkles to my clothing because it’s important to feel the confidence and the magic that you spread when you’re shining.

If you’re feeling tired of seeing the world with one dark color, maybe it’s time for you to add more shine! Remember, when in doubt, just add glitter!

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