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The Perfect Winter Turtleneck Sweater

By on January 28, 2018

Winter makes me miserable. It’s horrible when the air hurts your face. It’s dreadful when that cold wind keeps messing up your hair and it ends up all over your face. And it’s not cute when you have 100 layers on and no one really sees you because you’re too cold to have any parts of your body left uncovered and yet, you’re STILL cold!

The only good part of winter is Christmas. And since Christmas is now over, we’re left with this awkward and sad phase of winter until spring comes. Surviving this phase would, then, require cheerful colors and a lot of coziness. And luckily, I’ve got both of that in one single sweater.

This sweater I have on is from the Bethany Mota Collection at Aeropostale 2 years ago. (Yes I still keep a sweater from 2 years ago! Broke university student here!) It’s the exact shade of baby pink that I adore so much, and it’s got a turtleneck, like the cute kind of turtleneck that keeps you warm at the same time without having to put on a scarf! (Because I always forget to wear a scarf.) Underneath the sweater is a simple black pleated skirt, some opaque tights (the thickest pair I could find because it was COLD), and some black booties from ALDO.

This outfit looks simple and cute yet still very classy. I think that this is an easy outfit to put together because it incorporates basic pieces that many of you probably own already. If you don’t then you really should because to me, these are the staple pieces. You can easily change the skirt and wear a pair of jeans with the sweater instead if it’s too cold for you to wear skirts and tights. The look is still cute and classy. It’s that versatile.

There you have it. A sweet, cozy and stylish yet easy-to-recreate outfit. And the best thing is, it incorporates a basic means to survive this harsh weather: A cute turtleneck sweater.

What is your most favorite item to wear in the winter? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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